3 Top Best File-Sharing Services

Top 3 Best File Sharing Services

When dealing with many traders and clients, you need a convenient and reliable way to share information from your trading computer. A file-sharing service is a tool that you can use to share information and collaborate with others. 

What is a File-Sharing Service? Why Use it? 

File-sharing services store your data on the cloud. You can store text documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, audio/video files, photos, or any other computer file on a file-sharing service.  

You can always use email or phone messages to share your files, but file-sharing services have some distinct advantages: 

Allows Large Files 

Most email services and phone messages have size limits. So, if you are sharing a large presentation or video file for your trading business, you will run into those limits. File-sharing services also have limitations, but most of the services allow larger files than email services. 

Easier to Share 

If you are sharing a bunch of files, you have to add those files to the email. You might have to break up those files into groups if you hit the size limit. With a file-sharing service, you can share with other users on a folder level. It makes it easier to share. 


When you email a document to someone, you are sending a snapshot. If you make changes, you have to email the new version. In a file-sharing service, you can change the document in real time so everyone can see the changes. 


If you share files in an office, you can easily use folders and share them on the local network. But you don’t have control over who sees the documents inside your network. File-sharing services give you better control over who has access. Also, these services use encryption to keep the files safe. 

Top 3 Best File-Sharing Services Today 

Today you have a lot of options for file-sharing services. Here are a few noteworthy ones: 


Dropbox has been around since 2008. It gained initial popularity through word-of-mouth. A lot of users got their first taste of file-sharing through Dropbox.  

Dropbox client app is available for various desktop and mobile operating systems. Its auto-sync feature allows you to select the folders you want to upload from your trading computer to the cloud. 

Free account storage: 2 GB 

Max file size: None 

Paid account: Professional plan starts at $16.58/month for 3TB 


Box is a direct competitor of Dropbox. But it has a generous 10GB free tier which is a big incentive to try it out. The service prioritizes security which makes it an excellent choice for traders. 

Free account storage: 10 GB 

Max file size: 250 MB for the free tier and 2-5 GB for paid plans 

Paid account: Business plans start at $15 per month for unlimited storage 

Google Drive 

If you use Google products, then Google drive is a great choice. Google doesn’t have any plans for Google drive only. The paid plan provides access to all Google Workspace products like Gmail, Meet, Calendar, Docs, Sheets, and Slides. 

Free account storage: 15 GB 

Max file size: 5TB 

Paid account: Business plans start at $6 per month for 30 GB of storage 

Choosing a File-Sharing Service 

Most file-sharing services have free tiers. So, you don’t have to get locked into a single storage service. You can always try it before you purchase more storage. Also, you have the option to use different services for your personal and trading documents. 

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