Do You Really Need This Distraction? Windows 8


A lot of people may disagree, but for me Windows 8 is a distraction. There are no significant performance benefits. The interface and workflow are too different. It gets in the way of trading.

I don’t like distractions when I trade. I want my computer and my trading platform to fade into the background. In my experience, most traders feel the same way.

Here’s another way of looking at it. Being used to your usual workflow can be a benefit to your trading. For example, I have taken the same route to my office for 15 years. I never get bored with the drive. It’s become part of my routine to make a cup of coffee at home before I leave. Coffee in hand, I use the drive to plot out my day. After 15 years of driving the same route, it doesn’t require much thought about how to get where I want to go.

Instead, I use this time to do my mental rehearsals to get prepped for my morning trades.

Changing What Works Can Sometimes Causes Mental Distractions

Last summer they did major roadwork to a good portion of my normal route. It caused a lot of commuters huge headaches for a good part of the summer – including me. The first week or so of getting used to the detour route really caused a distraction to my normal commute routine. This left me with rushed stressful days that weren’t as productive and profitable as I would have wanted – all because I didn’t have that commute time to prep for my day.

This is a similar reason why I am still using Windows 7. The changes to the look and feel Windows 8 started off with were a huge deterrent for me. It’s just too distracting.

distraction sign


Too Much Change Is Distracting

You should be very protective of your uninterrupted time while you trading (I am). I don’t invite change into my trading world. This is especially true when it comes to my trading computer and the software I use to get my work done. I am aware of the high cost of being distracted or changing my workflow.

There is a great article in the NY Times that I always reference when this topic comes up. Multi-tasking, gadgets, and interruptions all cost something to your workday. The NY Times states; “ if you do two things at once, both efforts suffer.”

Windows 8 Might Not Work for All Traders

Windows 8 has long been labeled as a distraction due to its wildly different workflow. Windows 8.1 includes some fixes, including adding the start bar back in, but not enough to make me jump onboard. Many critics cite Windows 8 as the worst Operating System Microsoft has released (the runners up being Windows ME and Vista). As the judges from the popular ABC show, Shark Tank, always say, “For that reason – I’m out.”


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Caution: Upgrade ahead

Most Traders are aware that upgrading their Operating System on their trading computer has to be addressed at some point. Maybe it already made sense for you to upgrade to Windows 8.1. At what point does that make sense? What operating system is safe?

First, let me mention to you a quick note about Windows XP. As a fellow trader, I would be concerned to hear that you are still operating on XP. Because of the lack of support (and a list of other reasons you can read here), it’s not secure anymore. It makes sense to change operating systems. In fact, it made sense yesterday – or more like 365 days ago when support ended. Seriously, upgrade now.

If you are thinking about upgrading your operating system or would like to know when to make that decision, these are questions you should consider:

  • Is security is a concern? If yes upgrade!
  • Does the new Operating System provide more speed(ex. 32-bit vs 64-bit)? If yes upgrade!
  • Is all your trading software is compatible (Research this! Especially third party software). If yes upgrade!
  • Is the workflow better or at minimum familiar? If yes upgrade!

After reading this you may be interested in our buyers guide. It cuts right to the chase about what technology traders need and what they don’t.

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